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What Skopecam are you?


“I hunt alone. I hunt in a pack. I hunt for food. I hunt for sport. I hunt to be in nature. I hunt for fun. I hunt because it’s my way of life.”


“I snipe at the range. I snipe to hone my craft. I snipe for perfection. I snipe because it’s the only group therapy I need each week.”


“I duck. I dive. I weave. I stay low and get into position. I am untouchable on the battlefield. I am addicted to the rush of adrenalin.”


“I look high. I look low. I look everywhere I can. I love to give someone the best gift possible. I looked and looked until I found Skopecam.”

Skopecam in the wild

Your phone, your hunt, your memories

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Shoot. Replay. Share.

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Pro Tips & Tricks

He who tests first, cries little

Theres nothing worse than trying to get the mount on in a rush as a trophy buck stands broadside while you stuff around trying to figure out how to make your Skopecam work! Try shooting some bottles or cans in the back paddock to see if Skopecam works well with your scope and caliber of rifle, then you will know what to do when the moment of hunting destiny arrives.

Steady as she goes

You might think you will be able to shoot from the hip or do a ‘quick scope’ whilst doing a one-arm-handstand, but the truth of the matter is that the best way to use Skopecam is to lie prone with a bi-pod or solid rest to take a calculated shot at your target. Trick-shots not allowed sorry. (Pro tip: works best with bipod or in prone position.

Movie magic

You don’t need to be a movie director, but considering what will make a good movie for your friends and family will make a big difference in the quality of your movie once you get back home. Try capturing some footage of the outdoors, your mates looking tough marching through the bush, stalking the prey, and then capturing the final shot (two cameras is also a great option for a second angle!). Throw in some stills and a few selfies with your quarry and you could be taking home an oscar… or at least you might get a mention on the Skopecam website or facebook page! (Pro tip: consider what makes a good video or image before pushing the go button).

Share you footage

Send me a clip/picture/link to your youtube video etc, and if it’s awesome you might be world famous in Skopecam! Got some good stuff to show? Click here to share quickly and easily.

A bonus for being inquisitive

Because you read the above tips, have an easter egg of $5 off your purchase price. Just enter the promo code of ‘$5off‘ on checkout to get your discount 🙂

Make it tight, not broke 

The temptation to over-tighten Skopecam onto your scope can be overwhelming! But take it easy, as you can damage the mount and have a useless pile of plastic.

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